Dangers of Not Balancing Team Roles

Balancing the team in an organization is a complex and a bit elusive concept to grasp. It’s not about balancing your employees according to the skills and certifications they have or the success they had in their previous roles. There are many other critical aspects when it comes to team success. What about the individual’s personality or the strengths they bring to the table (but lie outside their track records or certifications)?

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Why Asking Feedback is Much Better

For both individuals and organizations, feedback is necessary for us to survive and thrive. It isn’t only a workplace ritual, but the essence of intelligence. According to Tom Stafford, a cognitive scientist at the University of Sheffield, we can evolve into more than simple programs and develop more sophisticated responses to the environment thanks to feedback.

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Self-Directing Teams – Where are We Today?

Self-directing work teams have been around for decades, but many people are still unfamiliar with the concept. In recent years, self-directing teams have become prominent thanks to companies such as Valve and Zappos, which have gone through many transformations to achieve a high-level of self-management among their employees.

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