Join us in creating a better world of work. Become a Practitioner!

As a manager, HR professional or consultant you can become a certified practitioner. In the practitioner training we handle everything you need to introduce and safeguard a feedback culture within teams. In addition to the theory, we also get started with exercises and we put the theory into practice.

After the training you will know:

  • The substantive background of feedback. Which underlying theories and scientific studies are relevant for creating a feedback culture?
  • The theoretical foundation of What do the colors, team roles and the combination of personality, ambition and reputation mean for the team? How do you use this to achieve organizational goals and to select employees who are complementary to the team?

After the training you can:

  • Provide internal workshops on feedback and
  • Support employees and managers with their Check-ins on objectives, feedback and growth actions.
  • Monitor and interpret results via analytics (dashboard). What about the team composition, the culture in the team and the involvement of the employees? What do you notice and what do you recommend?

The next practitioner training will take place at LTP in Amstelveen on Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June. Register and take the first step towards a feedback culture in your organization.

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