Follow the practitioner course.

After the course you will know:

  • The substantive background of feedback. Which underlying theories and scientific studies are relevant for creating a feedback culture?
  • The theoretical foundation of What do the colors, team roles and the combination of personality, ambition and reputation mean for the team? How do you use this to achieve organizational goals and to select employees who are complementary to the team?

After the training you can:

  • Provide internal workshops on feedback and
  • Support employees and managers with their Check-ins on objectives, feedback and growth actions.
  • Monitor and interpret results via analytics dashboards.

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" gave me and my management team useful insights into our profiles and styles and into the differences between them. Furthermore, it became much clearer how we work as a team and where our strengths and pitfalls lie. The in-depth discussions with the specialists at LTP provide clarification, mutual understanding and better cooperation. In addition, there was confronting feedback and fun, very connecting and valuable. If you work under pressure and you are dependent on a strong and cohesive team, this is advisable"
Job van Wagensveld
FD Mediagroep