We predict Leadership & Team Performance

Agile teams through insights, assessments, real-time feedback and talent analytics.

Step 1 - Insights

Individual team members determine their identity, ambition and reputation (‘How others see them’).

Step 2 - Feedback

Team members use the app to ask for feedback about their talents and the team roles that they want to develop.

Step 3 - Check-ins

Each team member gains insight into his or her development of roles, competencies and engagement.

Step 4 - Analytics

A team member discusses his or her personal goals, priorities and growth with the manager.

Working gets more fun and challenging, while every organization is ready for the future ...

Put together talented teams based on cutting-edge HR analytics.

Team dashboard

As a practitioner, you are capable of seeing the team culture and make-up in terms of roles and have an influence on this. In selecting new candidates, for example. You also have insight into feedback activities and the team’s engagement as a whole. The Check-ins enable you to support your team members in their priorities and focus on growth.

HR Corporate dashboard

HR looks beyond individual departments and brings into focus the culture and make-up of a whole department or business unit. The dashboard also serves as support for strategic decisions concerning selection and development.

Become a practitioner through a certified program.

Proper implementation of an integrated HR platform and permanent open feedback culture requires a thorough approach. As a certified practitioner you help to introduce and secure a feedback culture within teams. This will be achieved with the help of our proven Persona.fit implementation method TM .