has been developed by LTP Business Psychologists . LTP sees it as its responsibility to protect your privacy. By agreeing to the conditions, you accept our privacy policy and you give LTP permission to use your personal data for its services. Below is a brief summary.

What personal information is collected?

  • Personal data (name, gender and e-mail address)
  • Reply to questionnaires, indicating the time when you have answered
  • Answers to open questions (including feedback data)
  • Scores
  • Results of scores
  • Session ID, selected language and the ID of the tests being made (through session cookies)

How long is the collected data stored?

  • The following data is stored for 5 years: personal data, answers to open questions (including feedback data), results of the scores
  • The following data is permanently stored for research purposes: answers to questionnaires, including the time of answer (anonymous), scores

What is the information used for?

  • The personal data is needed to be able to create unique users and to use the correct standards.
  • Answers to the questionnaires are used by LTP to monitor the progress of the different questionnaires, as well as to calculate the scores at a later time.
  • Answers to open questions are saved for creating (anonymous) reports.
  • Scores are used to generate the results.
  • For the purpose of research and statistics, LTP may provide anonymous data and assessments to third parties.
  • Session cookies are saved, so you don't have to log in again each time you open a new one in

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