About Persona.fit

Persona.fit helps you to strengthen the culture of collaboration and growth within teams. Continuously. A feedback app is part of the methodology. The app enables team members to ask for feedback in day-to-day practice about events or competencies. The Persona.fit methodology helps team members to focus on their personal development in a natural way. This delivers data that makes it possible to monitor the team culture in real-time: You Grow We Grow.

Persona.fit has been developed by a team of data scientists, psychologists, feedback experts and app developers.

Data Science

A person’s baseline is based on a database of more than 500,000 individuals. Our data scientists have developed algorithms based on the link between personality, behaviour and performance at work.


Questionnaires about Personality, Motivations and Values, with complex underlying psychological concepts, have been translated into the language of organizations: team roles and colours (Quinn).


Our consultants are feedback experts: achieving a feedback culture calls for more than just an app. Giving and receiving feedback is explained and practised in a workshop. The consultants are also available as coaches.


A team of developers and gaming experts has been involved in the development of Persona.fit. Its use is continually evaluated and measured. New features will also be added, including a gaming element.