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You Grow. We Grow.


You Grow

As an employee, you are responsible for your development, goals and performance. Persona.fit is there to help:

  • You get self-insight, establish development goals and performance goals
  • You receive direct and concrete feedback; you are constantly learning and growing
  • Your personal data are valuable input for your coaching sessions

We Grow

Modern agile organizations are about networks of teams, not about hierarchy. Utilizing everyone's talents to achieve goals together. Persona.fit helps to:

  • Strengthen an open feedback culture
  • Provide insight into team dynamics and the balance and composition within teams
  • Facilitate performance management


.. it’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better ..

Elon Musk

Testimonials about a Modern-day Performance Appraisal

From: ikbenerica.nl. About the psychology of personal agility.

Heleen KuijtenHR Director - Schiphol

"It's all about realizing that we have to continue to develop throughout our lives. A mindset of holding each other accountable, giving and receiving feedback is the most important of all."

Elly PloumenGroup HR director - Achmea Holding

"Employees propose agreements and objectives themselves. First they do a self-assessment and add a self-reflection. Feedback is an important factor in this and we have recently supported this in an app."

Eugène OostenbrinkDirector of HR - Okura Hotel

"Two talks: mid-year and end-year. I can't wait to get rid of it. I am a great believer in direct feedback. And I have people assess themselves: self-appraisal. We have a nice discussion on that basis."

Maximum focus on growth

With Persona.fit every professional has control over his or her development and deployability. Talent and potential have priority. You grow. We grow.

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