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Continue feedback gebaseerd op rollen, competenties en persoonlijkheid,
inclusief analytics over teamcultuur en betrokkenheid

You Grow. We Grow.


Persona.fit: Feedback in a Digital Era

Work is changing. In order to be successful as a company we need you to feel engaged. This will help you to quickly acquire new competencies and skills. For that, you need honest and open feedback. Feedback on your competencies focuses on past behaviour. Personality assessment focuses on potential, your future behaviour. It is your talent for personal growth and the way you feel connected to the team culture. Is your reputation aligned with your identity (personality)? You will feel more happy and engaged at work! Therefore, we believe that any feedback should focus on both your competencies and on your personality. Besides, feedback should not be static, but continuous and include real-time data on your performance and engagement. It should also support you with the right insights: how you match with the culture and (future) roles in the team and organisation. This will provide us with insights on team culture, on engagement and on how to support your growth. Finally and foremost: we believe that you should be in charge. It is your development. You grow, we grow! That is why we have developed Persona.fit.

Team Persona.fit

Maximale focus op groei

Met Persona.fit heeft iedere professional de regie over zijn of haar ontwikkeling en inzetbaarheid. Talent en potentieel staan centraal.You grow. We grow.

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