You Grow. We Grow.

Employee and manager work together to build a Feedback and Growth Culture.

Step 1 - Insights

Individual team members determine their identity, ambition and reputation (‘How others see them’), in part by using the LTP Big Five questionnaire.

Step 2 - Continuous feedback

Team members use the app to ask for feedback about their talents and the team roles that they want to develop.

Step 3 - Analytics

Each team member gains continuous insight into his or her development in terms of roles, competencies and engagement.

Step 4 - Check-ins

A team member discusses his or her personal goals, priorities and growth with the manager.

Developed by team psychologists, data scientists and feedback experts is 360-degree feedback reinvented:

  • Continuous (24/7) instead of static (once annually)
  • Immediate and specific: linked to an event that just happened
  • Start with a gap analysis and aspiration/ambition (personal goal), measure progress
  • Dynamic: focused primarily on learning and developing instead of merely appraising
  • Start with self-insight: why do you behave this way, are you willing and able to change?
  • Talent and potential take precedence instead of competences and the past
  • No red tape and easily accessible (via smartphone)
  • Based on an agile working environment: work and goals are characterized by change

We can’t just sit back and wait for feedback to be offered, particularly when we’re in a leadership role. If we want feedback to take root in the culture, we need to explicitly ask for it..

Ed Batista – Executive Coach

Includes cutting-edge HR analytics

The dashboard gives the manager real-time access to the (anonymous) data. These analytics provide insight into the team make-up, development of the feedback culture, and engagement within the team. Alternatively, the manager can make use of a 'Team photo report': a snapshot that gets to the heart of the matter in team sessions.